Aquatic Species Invasiveness Screening Kit (AS-ISK) mean outcome scores (± SE) for the species screened for the South Caucasus: A Basic Risk Assessment (BRA) scores B BRA+CCA (Climate Change Assessment) scores. Red bars = very high-risk species; Black bars = high-risk species; Grey bars = medium-risk species; White bars = low-risk (L) species. Solid line = very high-risk (VH) threshold; Hatched line = high-risk (H) threshold; Dotted line = medium-risk (M) threshold (thresholds as per Table 2).

  Part of: Mumladze L, Kuljanishvili T, Japoshvili B, Epitashvili G, Kalous L, Vilizzi L, Piria M (2022) Risk of invasiveness of non-native fishes in the South Caucasus biodiversity and geopolitical hotspot. In: Giannetto D, Piria M, Tarkan AS, Zięba G (Eds) Recent advancements in the risk screening of freshwater and terrestrial non-native species. NeoBiota 76: 109-133.