Map of the risk assessment area (Danube and Adriatic Basins of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia with Kosovo) and neighbouring countries for evaluating the potential invasiveness of non-native salmonids.

  Part of: Marić A, Špelić I, Radočaj T, Vidović Z, Kanjuh T, Vilizzi L, Piria M, Nikolić V, Škraba Jurlina D, Mrdak D, Simonović P (2022) Changing climate may mitigate the invasiveness risk of non-native salmonids in the Danube and Adriatic basins of the Balkan Peninsula (south-eastern Europe). In: Giannetto D, Piria M, Tarkan AS, Zięba G (Eds) Recent advancements in the risk screening of freshwater and terrestrial non-native species. NeoBiota 76: 135-161.