Number of species for which discrepancies in the responses to the AS-ISK questions were found, based on screening for the Pannonian vs. the Mediterranean regions. Section: A = Biogeography/Invasion history; B = Domestication/Cultivation; C = Climate change. Category: C2 = Climate, distribution and introduction risk; C4 = Undesirable (or persistence) traits; C5 = Resource exploitation; C6 = Reproduction; C7 = Dispersal mechanisms; C9 = Climate change. Question codes as per Suppl. material 1: Table S1.

  Part of: Piria M, Radočaj T, Vilizzi L, Britvec M (2022) Climate change may exacerbate the risk of invasiveness of non-native aquatic plants: the case of the Pannonian and Mediterranean regions of Croatia. In: Giannetto D, Piria M, Tarkan AS, Zięba G (Eds) Recent advancements in the risk screening of freshwater and terrestrial non-native species. NeoBiota 76: 25-52.