Seasonal changes of whitefish and sticklebacks between 2017 and 2018. Fish mass (empty dots represent sticklebacks that can be identified as a separate, 0+ group; A), zooplankton dry weight (DW) consumption (average ± 1 SD; B) and zooplankton DW consumption per gram of fish wet weight (WW) (average ± 1 SD; C). Note that sticklebacks were caught from May until January and that in (A), (C) values for April are missing due to missing measurements of whitefish weight. Large SD values in some months are due to small sample numbers, non-feeding, or a mixture of 0+ and 1+ fish in the case of July sticklebacks (see Suppl. material 1: table S1).

  Part of: Ogorelec Ž, Brinker A, Straile D (2022) Small but voracious: invasive generalist consumes more zooplankton in winter than native planktivore. NeoBiota 78: 71-97.