Current forest area cover of 18 selected NNTs in Europe and year since first introduction (based on Sanz-Elorza et al. 2004; Hasenauer et al. 2016; Badalamenti et al. 2018; Brus et al. 2019). The surface of each square is proportional to the surface covered by each NNT in Europe. The coordinates correspond to the centroid of the square. For NNTs with insufficient information, the symbol ‘+’ is used.

  Part of: Wohlgemuth T, Gossner MM, Campagnaro T, Marchante H, van Loo M, Vacchiano G, Castro-Díez P, Dobrowolska D, Gazda A, Keren S, Keserű Z, Koprowski M, La Porta N, Marozas V, Nygaard PH, Podrázský V, Puchałka R, Reisman-Berman O, Straigytė L, Ylioja T, Pötzelsberger E, Silva JS (2022) Impact of non-native tree species in Europe on soil properties and biodiversity: a review. NeoBiota 78: 45-69.