Proportion of cases with significant increasing (green), significant decreasing (red) or neutral (grey; non-significant) effects of the seven tree species non-native to Europe (NNTs) on soil properties (aggregations listed in Table 2) found for each NNT in comparison to stands of native vegetation (NV). Numbers of cases are shown next to the NNTs names, below the soil properties and above the bars. Increasing, decreasing and neutral effects were based on statistical significance (p<0.05).

  Part of: Wohlgemuth T, Gossner MM, Campagnaro T, Marchante H, van Loo M, Vacchiano G, Castro-Díez P, Dobrowolska D, Gazda A, Keren S, Keserű Z, Koprowski M, La Porta N, Marozas V, Nygaard PH, Podrázský V, Puchałka R, Reisman-Berman O, Straigytė L, Ylioja T, Pötzelsberger E, Silva JS (2022) Impact of non-native tree species in Europe on soil properties and biodiversity: a review. NeoBiota 78: 45-69.