Diagrams of the six tested scenarios for each invaded country via DIYABC analyses. Asterisks represent merging and admixture of two populations. The “native ancestral population” is an unsampled population genetically related to both the mainland south-eastern Australia (AUS) and Tasmania (TAS) clusters identified via STRUCTURE analyses. “Ghost populations”: unsampled populations. INV: Invasive population. See Materials and Methods for detailed descriptions of each scenario. Parameter descriptions, prior and posterior values are provided in Suppl. material 1: tables S3–S5.

  Part of: Vicente S, Trindade H, Máguas C, Le Roux JJ (2023) Genetic analyses reveal a complex introduction history of the globally invasive tree Acacia longifolia. NeoBiota 82: 89-117. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.82.87455