Identification of Burmese pythons (Python molurus bivittatus). Distinguishing features include a, b a dark triangular spearhead on the top of the head extending to snout, with a white line extending posteriorly under the eye a subocular scale just below the eye preventing contact between supralabial scales and the eye (hatched lines, inset), and a, c a pattern of black-bordered, brown dorsal and lateral blotches separated by tan coloration and a white, non-patterned venter bordered by black spots. Panel a illustrated by Natalie Claunch. Photo credits: U.S. Geological Survey (b) and Conservancy of Southwest Florida (c).

  Part of: Guzy JC, Falk BG, Smith BJ, Willson JD, Reed RN, Aumen NG, Avery ML, Bartoszek IA, Campbell E, Cherkiss MS, Claunch NM, Currylow AF, Dean T, Dixon J, Engeman R, Funck S, Gibble R, Hengstebeck KC, Humphrey JS, Hunter ME, Josimovich JM, Ketterlin J, Kirkland M, Mazzotti FJ, McCleery R, Miller MA, McCollister M, Parker MR, Pittman SE, Rochford M, Romagosa C, Roybal A, Snow RW, Spencer MM, Waddle JH, Yackel Adams AA, Hart KM (2023) ´╗┐Burmese pythons in Florida: A synthesis of biology, impacts, and management tools. NeoBiota 80: 1-119.