World map illustrating the number of introduced species of Buprestidae within and between biogeographic realms (above) and graphical representation of the exchanges (below), with the thickness of the arrows directly proportional to the number of introduction events. The length of the colored arc of each realm corresponds to the total number of introduced species, either in or out.

  Part of: Ruzzier E, Haack RA, Curletti G, Roques A, Volkovitsh MG, Battisti A (2023) ´╗┐Jewels on the go: exotic buprestids around the world (Coleoptera, Buprestidae). In: Jactel H, Orazio C, Robinet C, Douma JC, Santini A, Battisti A, Branco M, Seehausen L, Kenis M (Eds) Conceptual and technical innovations to better manage invasions of alien pests and pathogens in forests. NeoBiota 84: 107-135.