Stakeholder knowledge about the invasion status of PnPs, showing the percentage of true positive and negative results of PnP awareness for named PnPs which are both present in some countries and absent in others.

  Part of: Green S, Dehnen-Schmutz K, Drakulic J, Eschen R, Orazio C, Douma JC, Lundén K, Colombari F, Jactel H (2023) Awareness, detection and management of new and emerging tree pests and pathogens in Europe: stakeholders’ perspectives. In: Jactel H, Orazio C, Robinet C, Douma JC, Santini A, Battisti A, Branco M, Seehausen L, Kenis M (Eds) Conceptual and technical innovations to better manage invasions of alien pests and pathogens in forests. NeoBiota 84: 9-40.