Number of respondents who said they used each of (A) 17 tools and methods used for detecting and identifying and (B) eight tools and methods for managing new and emerging forest PnPs (required answer for all respondents).

  Part of: Green S, Dehnen-Schmutz K, Drakulic J, Eschen R, Orazio C, Douma JC, Lundén K, Colombari F, Jactel H (2023) Awareness, detection and management of new and emerging tree pests and pathogens in Europe: stakeholders’ perspectives. In: Jactel H, Orazio C, Robinet C, Douma JC, Santini A, Battisti A, Branco M, Seehausen L, Kenis M (Eds) Conceptual and technical innovations to better manage invasions of alien pests and pathogens in forests. NeoBiota 84: 9-40.