top – natural infection of ornamental Myrtus communis in Cape Town (Western Cape) (Austropuccinia psidii South African strain) (left); natural infection of Italian provenances of M. communis in Colombia (A. psidii pandemic strain) (centre and right); bottom – disease development and prolific production of urediniospores14 days after artificial inoculation (A. psidii South African strain).

  Part of: Paap T, Santini A, Rodas CA, Granados GM, Pecori F, Wingfield MJ (2023) Myrtus communis in Europe threatened by the pandemic and South African strains of the myrtle rust pathogen Austropuccinia psidii (Sphaerophragmiaceae, Pucciniales). In: Jactel H, Orazio C, Robinet C, Douma JC, Santini A, Battisti A, Branco M, Seehausen L, Kenis M (Eds) Conceptual and technical innovations to better manage invasions of alien pests and pathogens in forests. NeoBiota 84: 41-46.