Examples of naturalized Melaleuca species in South Africa. a naturalized M. quinquenervia plants showing seed capsules opening after fire bM. viminalis subsp. viminalis naturalized along a stream in an urban setting c Melaleuca parvistaminea invading a conservation area that was previously under pine plantation, and dM. linearis var. linearis is invasive at another site previously under plantation with M. parvistaminea in background. Photos: a, c is E van Wyk, b is LEO Jacobs, d is DM Richardson.

  Part of: Jacobs LEO, Richardson DM, Lepschi BJ, Wilson JRU (2017) Quantifying errors and omissions in alien species lists: The introduction status of Melaleuca species in South Africa as a case study. NeoBiota 32: 89-105. https://doi.org/10.3897/neobiota.32.9842