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NeoBiota 80 (2023)
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Burmese pythons in Florida: A synthesis of biology, impacts, and management tools
Jacquelyn C. Guzy, Bryan G. Falk, Brian J. Smith, John David Willson, Robert N. Reed, Nicholas G. Aumen, Michael L. Avery, Ian A. Bartoszek, Earl Campbell, Michael S. Cherkiss, Natalie M. Claunch, Andrea F. Currylow, Tylan Dean, Jeremy Dixon, Richard Engeman, Sarah Funck, Rebekah Gibble, Kodiak C. Hengstebeck, John S. Humphrey, Margaret E. Hunter, Jillian M. Josimovich, Jennifer Ketterlin, Michael Kirkland, Frank J. Mazzotti, Robert McCleery, Melissa A. Miller, Matthew McCollister, M. Rockwell Parker, Shannon E. Pittman, Michael Rochford, Christina Romagosa, Art Roybal, Ray W. Snow, McKayla M. Spencer, J. Hardin Waddle, Amy A. Yackel Adams, Kristen M. Hart

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