The distribution of D. invadens in the British Isles. A Records of D. invadens (blue cross) and D. reticulatum (red circle) for each 10 km square (accessed from NBN gateway 24.xi.12) B Human population density (pale green = low, dark blue = high); sourced from Center for International Earth Science Information Network (Columbia University), Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical. 2005. Gridded Population of the World Version 3: Population Density Grids. Palisades, NY: Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center (SEDAC), Columbia University. Downloaded from Nov. 2012.

  Part of: Hutchinson J, Reise H, Robinson D (2014) A biography of an invasive terrestrial slug: the spread, distribution and habitat of Deroceras invadens. NeoBiota 23: 17-64.