Interceptions of Anoplophora chinensis Forster in consignments from non-EU countries in ports of entry into the European Union between 2000 and 2012. a. The total number of A. chinensis interceptions of A. chinensis in all EU countries combined (black bars) and interceptions of A. chinensis from China into the Netherlands only (grey bars). Interceptions after the points of entry, i.e. within the EU, are not included. b. The number of interceptions of A. chinensis on Acer from China imported into the Netherlands, per consignments and per imported plant (black and grey bars, respectively). c. The relationship between the annual number of imported Acer spp. plants from China and interceptions of A. chinensis in the Netherlands (2000–2012).

  Part of: Eschen R, Grégoire, JC, Hengeveld GM, de Hoop MB, Rigaux L, Potting RPJ (2015) Trade patterns of the tree nursery industry in Europe and changes following findings of citrus longhorn beetle, Anoplophora chinensis Forster. NeoBiota 26: 1-20.