Frequency of Spathodea plants (n=2,271) along the 6.2 km transect from 140 to 1,300 m above sea level (a.s.l.) on the leeward coast of Tahiti Nui (Society Islands, French Polynesia). The increment of elevation range categories is 100 m, error bars refer to Standard deviation.

  Part of: Larrue S, Daehler CC, Meyer J-Y, Pouteau R, Voldoire O (2016) Elevational distribution and photosynthetic characteristics of the invasive tree Spathodea campanulata on the island of Tahiti (South Pacific Ocean). In: Daehler CC, van Kleunen M, Pyšek P, Richardson DM (Eds) Proceedings of 13th International EMAPi conference, Waikoloa, Hawaii. NeoBiota 30: 127–149.