Box and whiskers plot. Temperature and air humidity recorded in 10 plots along the elevational transect between 140 and 1,300 m during 84 days of the dry season from July to October during night (a, b) and day (c, d) on the leeward coast of Tahiti Nui. Whiskers in the box plots show 95% of the data values.

  Part of: Larrue S, Daehler CC, Meyer J-Y, Pouteau R, Voldoire O (2016) Elevational distribution and photosynthetic characteristics of the invasive tree Spathodea campanulata on the island of Tahiti (South Pacific Ocean). In: Daehler CC, van Kleunen M, Pyšek P, Richardson DM (Eds) Proceedings of 13th International EMAPi conference, Waikoloa, Hawaii. NeoBiota 30: 127–149.