An evolutionary tree of Israeli Aequorea macrodactyla by 28S rDNA marker based on specimens from Sdot Yam and Haifa bay (marked by black triangle). The tree is based on partial sequences of 679 base pairs (bp) of the nuclear Ribosomal DNA 28S (rDNA) gene. The outgroup is based on Hydra viridissima Pallas, 1766. The reference number used in this figure represents the NCBI GenBank reference number and is followed by the taxon name. The data in this phylogenetic tree include all published data from the species of Aequorea existing in NCBI GenBank. The test of phylogeny is by Bootstrap method and the number of bootstrap replications is 500.

  Part of: Mizrahi GA, Shemesh E, van Ofwegen L, Tchernov D (2015) First record of Aequorea macrodactyla (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa) from the Israeli coast of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, an alien species indicating invasive pathways. NeoBiota 26: 55-70.