Comparison of photosynthesis measurements with ANOVA: low elevation (< 125 m) vs. 181–540 m, 541–940 m, and 941–990 m along the elevational transect on Tahiti Nui (a, b, c) and on the wetter Peninsula of Tahiti Iti (d, e, f). Error bars refer to Standard deviation.

  Part of: Larrue S, Daehler CC, Meyer J-Y, Pouteau R, Voldoire O (2016) Elevational distribution and photosynthetic characteristics of the invasive tree Spathodea campanulata on the island of Tahiti (South Pacific Ocean). In: Daehler CC, van Kleunen M, Pyšek P, Richardson DM (Eds) Proceedings of 13th International EMAPi conference, Waikoloa, Hawaii. NeoBiota 30: 127–149.