This September, the 12th NEOBIOTA conference is coming to Tartu, Estonia

26 July 2022

From 13th to 16th September 2022, the NEOBIOTA conference will be the place to be for researchers in invasion ecology. This year, the theme of the event will be “Biological Invasions in a Changing World”. 

The main organiser of the conference is Estonian Naturalists’ Society. Founded back in 1853, its aim is to bring together scientists, researchers and nature enthusiasts from various fields, including botany, ornithology, entomology, forestry, anthropology, malacology, ecology, geology, mycology, nature education and citizen science.

Conference participants are specially invited to consider the NeoBiota journal as the publishing venue for their work.

We remind that the journal offers special conditions and benefits for Special Issues and Topical article collections meant to collate contributions grouped by a shared topic or interest group.

Conference topics:

  • Trends in the introduction, spread and evolution of biological invasions at different spatial and temporal scales
  • Past, current and future drivers responsible for biological invasions
  • Biological invasions and climate change
  • Novel ecosystems in the Anthropocene
  • Impacts of invasions on native species, communities and ecosystems
  • Biotic interactions in invaded communities and ecosystems, incl. interactions between invaders
  • Economic and social impacts of biological invasions
  • Non-native pests and pathogens. Pests and pathogens spread by invasive alien species
  • Novel tools and methods for detection, mapping, monitoring and control of invasive alien species
  • Engaging the public and stakeholders – from landowners to scientists, practitioners and decision makers and back
  • Effectiveness of past and current control measures and native communities restoration efforts
  • Relationships between weeds and invasive alien plants.


Find more information about the event, field trips, venue and accommodation on the conference’s website

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