NeoBiota with all-time highest Impact Factor and Scopus CiteScore

27 July 2023

In June, NeoBiota received its all-time best Journal Impact Factor in the Journal Citation Reports™ by Clarivate.

The 2022 Impact Factor for NeoBiota is 5.1, as it ranks in Q1 in both JCR categories it is listed in. It is 8th in Biodiversity Conservation and 27th in Ecology. 

"The Impact Factor is just a metric and not undisputed. But I am really very happy and proud that NeoBiota is important to and supported by large part of the invasion science community and gained some reputation",

said Dr. Ingolf Kühn, Editor-in-Chief at NeoBiota and Head of Department of Community Ecology at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research - UFZ (Germany).

A few weeks earlier, NeoBiota also received its record-high Scopus CiteScore. It now stands at 7.7, as the journal journal remains in Q1 in all categories. It is placed as follows: 7/173 (Insect Science); 8/38 (Ecological Modeling); 12/456 (Animal Science and Zoology); 15/228 (Aquatic Science); 43/437 (Ecology); 47/487 (Plant Science); and 62/687 (Ecology, Evolution, Behavior and Systematics).


In the case of the 2022 Journal Impact Factor, the score reflects the times 2022 publications indexed by WoS have cited research and review articles published in NeoBiota in 2020 and 2021. 

In its turn, the CiteScore formula calculates the citations of eligible “citable” publications (i.e. reviews, research articles, data papers, book chapters and conference papers) indexed in the Scopus database in the last four complete years, and divides them by the publication volume of the journal in the same years. In the case of the 2022 Scopus CiteScore, both cited and citing papers need to have been published between 2019-2022.


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