NeoBiota and Pensoft at ESENIAS & DIAS and EMAPI 2023: promoting collaborative research on alien species and biological invasions

27 November 2023

NeoBiota participated in two conferences in October: ESENIAS and DIAS 2023, and EMAPI 2023.

ESENIAS and DIAS focused on "globalisation and invasive alien species in the Black Sea and Mediterranean regions," and NeoBiota’s publisher, Pensoft, shared information on the journal and the important REST-COAST and B-Cubed projects.

Polina Nikova of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences received the NeoBiota Best Talk Award for her presentation titled ‘‘First documented records in the wild of American mink (Neogale vision von Schreber, 1776) in Bulgaria."

The 16th International Conference on Ecology and Management of Alien Plant Invasions (EMAPI 2023) took place in Pucón, Chile. The conference focused on the promotion of diversity in the science and management of biological invasions. Several NeoBiota authors ran sessions at the conference, and the journal also presented a Best Talk Award.

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