NeoBiota with a dedicated profile on ResearchGate

08 December 2023

Content published in NeoBiota is now being automatically added to the ResearchGate as soon as it appears in the journal, in order to directly reach to 25 million researchers currently using the specialised network.

As part of a recently announced partnership, NeoBiota becomes one of the twenty journals published by Pensoft to also enjoy its own dedicated profile on ResearchGate. These are enabled through the Journal Home offering, which means that journals like NeoBiota are prominently represented on all associated article pages on ResearchGate, as well as all other relevant touch points throughout the network.

Journal Home provides a unique opportunity for journals to connect its authors with their readers. The new journal profiles on ResearchGate provide a central location for each journal, thereby allowing researchers to learn more, discover new article content, and understand how, through their network, they are connected to the journal’s community of authors and editors.

Authors of journals that use the Journal Home service, such as NeoBiota, additionally benefit from having their articles automatically added to their ResearchGate profile page, giving them access to metrics, including who is reading and citing their research. These rich insights will also enable Pensoft to build a deeper understanding of the communities engaging with its journals.

You can find more about the partnership between Pensoft and ResearchGate on the scholarly publisher’s blog.


Visit the dedicated journal profile of NeoBiota on ResearchGate.


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