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NeoBiota 62 (2020)
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Frameworks used in Invasion Science
Edited by John Wilson, Sven Bacher, Curtis Daehler, Quentin Groom, Sabrina Kumschick, Julie Lockwood, Tamara Robinson, Tsungai Zengeya, David Richardson
Conference name: 
Frameworks used in Invasion Science
Conference dates: 
11-13 November 2019
Conference place: 
Stellenbosch, South Africa

This special issue arose from a workshop 11–13 November 2019, in Stellenbosch, South Africa, hosted by the DSI-NRF Centre of Excellence for Invasion Science ( Scientist working on questions related to developing or implementing frameworks for invasion science were invited to develop draft manuscripts on particular topics in advance of the workshop, share these with other attendees before the workshop, and present them at the workshop. The aim was to comprise a range of different types of papers (ideas, perspectives, reviews, guidelines, and practical case-studies), unified by the workshop aim, which was developed into the Stellenbosch Challenge for Invasion Science:

“Can invasion science develop and improve frameworks that are useful for research, policy or management, and that are clear as to the contexts in which the frameworks do and do not apply?”.

The papers in the special issues do much to address this challenge by:

applying existing frameworks to new data and contexts;
reviewing how the frameworks have been adopted and used;
developing useable protocols and guidelines for applying frameworks to different contexts;
refining the frameworks in light of experience;
integrating frameworks for new purposes;
identifying gaps; and
developing new frameworks to address issues that are currently not adequately dealt with.

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